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Safeguarding and Strengthening your Business

If the events of the past few years have taught us anything, it is that for a business to thrive it must prepare for future Black Swan events. The only meaningful way to do this is to ensure organisational resilience across the business in both operations and culture. This includes business continuity and emergency planning along with other safeguarding strategies that protect people, assets (including data), and the reputation of the organisation. Businesses need to prepare, adapt and respond to changing circumstances to ensure operations are compliant, intelligence led, risk based and operationally focused. askew & associates is a unique and multi-faceted consultancy business that can deliver a wide rand of specialised services at board and executive level to help you protect your business. We will prepare you and your business for the present and what may be coming around the corner.

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Growing and Sustaining your Business

Growing and sustaining a business is harder than ever, especially when growth is driven largely through competitive tendering. askew & associates will help you to stop thinking about your business and your industry the same way your competitors do. Our approach focuses on what makes you unique, and helps you bring that to life when developing your sales strategies, responding to tenders, and pitching for new opportunities.

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Board and CEO Advisory

The nature of business has changed dramatically over the past decades, particularly during the global pandemic when organisations were faced with unprecedented challenges to delivering shareholder value. If Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it is that traditional risk and governance models no longer provide the certainty for the future they once may have. Boards and CEOs are now at a juncture never seen before, but one where opportunity exists if the right path is followed. Navigating the way forward involves innovative approaches to risk & governance, sustainable growth strategies, and the ability to adapt to change quickly and effectively. Unless Boards and CEOs seize the opportunity to transform now, it may become more difficult to deliver long term value to shareholders.

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