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Tender Strategy

We first seek to understand your business and its marketable difference in the context of the tender being contested – because it is indeed a contest. Winning requires a methodical approach, one that starts with a focused strategic plan. askew & associates will work with you and your team to develop a holistic tender strategy that will underpin every stage of the process, right through to your appointment as preferred partner.

Tender Writing

Fundamental to a winning tender response is concise and effective communication. You may well have the best solution but unless you can articulate your responses clearly, you may be overlooked. Compliance is also critical when responding to tenders yet so often questions are only partially answered or misunderstood. askew & associates can assist you with writing compliant tender responses that not only tell your story in an imaginative way, but also makes sure you are getting noticed.

Presentation preparation and coaching

A key element of most tender processes is the formal presentation stage. This is your chance to make an emotional connection to the decision makers, and to drive home key messages. Often deals are won or lost at this stage, so it is essential to be game ready. askew & associates will help you to structure your presentation, ensuring your competitive advantage is front and centre. We will also prepare your team for success, focusing on presentation skills to connect with the audience.

Sales and growth strategies

It is impossible to be all things to all people, yet so many companies make the mistake of ‘going for everything’. Successful companies are brave companies who focus only on the right clients in the right markets. They know a crucial part of growth is having a clearly defined sales strategy that focuses the entire team on the same goals and vision. askew & associates can help you to prepare or revise your sales strategy to maximise results and achieve sustainable profitable growth.