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Resilience and Risk Management

Successful Boards and CEOs know they must be prepared for any crisis at any time, even for situations not thought about today. It might be tempting to focus on something other than risk right now given the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, but now is the time to ensure readiness for what is coming next. The ramifications of not being prepared include significant financial and reputational damages. askew & associates has the right experience to help Boards and CEOs design and implement innovative resilience and risk management frameworks to help your business successfully navigate the challenges of today and the unknowns of tomorrow.

Governance and Compliance

Good corporate governance and compliance is essential for driving a company’s culture and underpinning its success. In fact, having the right governance framework for your business will align strategic vision and priorities, fostering competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive market. It isn’t enough to just have a set of policies and procedures. Companies must embrace, enforce, and live them. They must also review them regularly to ensure currency as business becomes more and more dynamic. askew & associates consultants are experts in corporate governance and compliance and can work with your Board and C-Suite Executives to implement a holistic governance and compliance structure that will meet the current and evolving needs of your organisation.

Sustainable Growth

Today, Boards and CEOs operate in a highly competitive landscape where change and disruption are the norm. Growing and sustaining a business in this environment is far more complex than ever as companies seek the right strategies to take market share from competitors. Boards and CEOs have an active and important role in supporting growth strategies; and arguably they provide the foundation upon which the business will grow and prosper. askew & associates have extensive experience in helping businesses successfully develop and implement growth strategies. Working at the Board and/or C-Suite level, we can help you to assess your current plans and recommend opportunities for sustainable profitable growth.