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Corporate Governance

Successful businesses are underpinned by sound corporate governance where Boards and Executives follow a robust structure of rules, processes and procedures. askew & associates will help your business design and implement an effective governance structure to foster accountability, transparency, equality, compliance, risk management and sound stakeholder management.

Risk and Business Resilience

The challenges facing businesses over the past few years are unprecedented and have exposed vulnerabilities within many organisations. With so much global uncertainty, now more than ever businesses must ensure robust risk and resilience management. The successful businesses through the global pandemic, in our experience, are those who had in place crisis and contingency plans to steer them through a maze of unknowns. At askew & associates we specialise in risk and resilience management. We can help you right now to prepare for what might be around the corner, including assistance with risk and resilience management plans, crisis and emergency management, strategic planning and bespoke exercises.

Business Process Re-engineering

Businesses are dynamic entities, where change is not only inevitable but also welcome, to drive continued success. Change does require a re-think of how things are done so that real value can be achieved. askew & associates will work with you to re-define and improve your business processes to deliver enhanced productivity, process improvement and excellence.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Combined, strategic and operational planning focus on both short and long term business outcomes, creating the roadmap to success. askew & associates are specialists in this area. We will assist your business to set objectives, and associated priorities to ensure there is a clear path and alignment to achieve your objectives.

Government Relationships and Advocacy

Understanding and navigating Government Departments and Agencies can be daunting and complex. askew & associates have extensive experience working with all levels of government in Australia, as well as many overseas government entities. We can expertly guide you to ensure your voice is heard by the right people at the right level, and that your message is aligned to government priorities.

Contract Management and Assurance

“Set and Forget” is too often the case when contracts with service providers are established. This is often due to the time constraints of busy managers. Unfortunately, this can lead to increased risk, higher costs, reduced service levels, lower productivity, and serious non-compliance issues. askew & associates have specialisation in contract governance and auditing. We will work alongside your team to implement a robust contract management framework to enhance the outcomes of your service delivery partner. We can also conduct initial and periodic audits to ensure your contracts are compliant and achieving maximum value.

Litigation support

Independent and professional support is often required in complex litigation matters. This can range from conducting sensitive investigations through to providing expert witness statements in court. askew & associates provide a range of these and other confidential services to legal firms and are well placed to assist your firm when it matters most.

Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence can mitigate risk for organisations by taking away the ‘surprise factor’. This is critical in various situations such as board appointments, hiring executives, and mergers & acquisitions. With experience across all these areas, askew & associates can assist you by providing thorough intelligence and background information to better inform your decision making.